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Pythians - District of Columbia

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Instituted April 18, 1864

Washington D.C. - Grand Lodge History -
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Past Subordinate Lodges
Washington Lodge No 1 - Instituted / Feb 19th 1864

Forward: Washington D.C. 1864
At the meeting of Monday, Feb. 15th, it was agreed that if a sufficient number could be found
willing to join a secret society, that another meeting be called for the following Friday.
The meeting was therefore called and the five friends together with the following names gentlemen,
Joel R. Woodruff, Joseph T. K. Plant, George R. Covert, John P. Roberts, Aristide Roderique,
Matthew H. Van Derveer, and another by the name of J. Driver, one of the 1st. bassos in the Glee Club,
meet at Temperance Hall at 7:30 p.m. and Washington Lodge No 1 was organized, Feb. 19th, 1864

The election of the officers resulted in the following brothers taking their seats as
the first offercers of the Order.

Washington Lodge No 1
Justus H. Rathbone: Worthy Chancellor.
Joel R. Woodruff: Vice-Chancellor.
Joseph T. K. Plant: Venerable Patriarch.
David L. Burnett: Worthy Scribe.
Abraham D. Van Derveer: Banker.

Appointed by the Worthy Chancellor:
Robert S. Champion: Worthy Assistant Banker.
George R. Covert: Worthy Assistant Scribe.
Matthew H. Van Derveer: Worthy Guide.
Aristide Roderique: Inside Steward.

Four Choral Knights were also appointed, these were
E. T. Kimball, C. H. Roberts, D. L. Burnett, W. H. Burnett
(Source: A History of the Knights of Pythias and it's Branches and Auxilliary - By Hugh G. Webb 1910)

Franklin Lodge #2 - Instituted / April 12th 1864
Columbia Lodge #3 - Instituted / May 19th 1864
Potomac Lodge #4 - Instituted / May 31st 1864
Mount Vernon Lodge #5 - 1866
Liberty Lodge #6 - 1866
Webster Lodge #7 - 1866

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