Knights of Pythias

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Official Declaration of Principles

Adopted by the Supreme Lodge, Knights of Pythias October 14, 1958

Pythian Knighthood had its conception in the exemplification of the life test of true friendship existing
between Damon and Pythias.

Friendship, or mutual confidence, being the strongest bond of union between man and man, and only
existing where honor has an abiding place, is adopted as a foundation principle.

As the ideal knight of olden time was the personification of all the higher and nobler attributes of man's
nature, the candidate for knighthood had to prove himself worthy of acceptance by those who valued
friendship, bravery, honor, justice and loyalty.

The Order of Knights of Pythias--founded On Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence, which it proclaims as
its cardinal principles--strives to gather into one mighty fraternity worthy men who appreciate the true
meaning of friendship; who are cautious in word and act; who love truth; who are brave in defending right;
whose honor is untarnished; whose sense of justice will prevent, to the best of their ability, a personal
act or word injurious to the worthy; whose loyalty to principle, to family, to friends, to their country and
to the constituted authority under which they enjoy citizenship is undoubted; and who, at all times, are
prepared to do unto others as they would request others should do unto them.

The Knights of Pythias is dedicated to the cause of universal peace and is pledged to the promotion of understanding among men of good will as the surest means of attaining it.