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Our purpose is to help preserve the rich and colorful history of The Order of Knights of Pythias.
To accomplish this, we rely on our brothers, sisters, historians and Pythian friends to send us
information and web links about past events, former members and related historical subjects.

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Knights of Pythias Cementery 1301 Strawfloor Dr. Jonesboro, AR (Map)

California (top)
Pythian House Cemetery Kenwood, Sonoma County, California

Colorado (top)
K.O.P. cemetery in Central City, Colorado - (Note)

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Pythian Cemetery, Hillham(county of Orange) Survey map USGS Hillham quad. The nearest major town is Cuzco, IN.

Iowa (top)

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Kentucky (top)
Putman Cemetery USGS West Franklin Quad, IN,KY, Topographic Map - (Neer Evansville, IN.)
Pythian Grove Cemetery (Neer Berry) - Photo
Pythian Ridge Cemetery, Union Co., KY - Burials

Louisiana (top)
Avoyelles Parish, LA
Pecan St - Bunkie, LA (Map) - > Photos

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