Knights of Pythias

Our purpose is to help preserve the rich and colorful history of The Order of Knights of Pythias.
To accomplish this, we rely on our brothers, sisters, historians and Pythian friends to send us
information and web links about past events, former members and related historical subjects.
Pythians - Washington

Lodges (men)


U.S. Civil War
Justus H. Rathbone
The Rathbone Bible
February 19, 1864
James E. West
Chief Scout Exec - BSA

Serving Pythians since 1923

The Pythian Home Retirement Center is a non profit organization that has been providing housing and services to senior adults in the Vancouver Washington area since 1923. The retirement center (pictured) opened in 1980.

Join us for bingo every Tuesday evening at 5:30 PM in our dining room. Cards are available for purchase. All are welcome to attend. Contact our front office for more information.
3409 Main Street Vancouver, WA (360) 696-4375 Fax: (360) 694-6263 Map

Today's Pythians

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