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Subordinate Lodges

Past Subordinate Lodges
General Custer Lodge, No. 4, Central City, instituted by Deputy Supreme Chancellor A. S. Stewart, of Deadwood, July 2, 1880, with fourteen members. This lodge had the misfortune to lose all its records by fire on April 25, 1888.

Dakota Lodge, No. 6, of Lead, instituted October 22, 1880, by Deputy Supreme Chancellor Stewart, of Deadwood, with nineteen members.

Gate City Lodge, No. 8, of Rapid City, was instituted by Hon. John R. Brennan, deputy supreme chancellor, on January 10, 1883, with thirteen members.

On December 4, 1883. Ivanhoe Lodge. No. 9, of Huron, was also instituted by Deputy Supreme Chancellor Brennan, with twenty- four members. This lodge was, on April 14, 1886, declared defunct, and the name Ivanhoe given to Lodge No.41, at Dell Rapids.

Castle Lodge. No. 10, of Chamberlain, was instituted December 28, 1883. This lodge also became defunct, but in January, 1886, a new lodge was instituted by Deputy Supreme Chancellor A. H. Daniels, who reported as follows: "It was really a new lodge, as I declared the lodge defunct, and proceeded to institute the new one."

Damascus Lodge. No. 11, of Mitchell, was instituted March 31, 1884, by Deputy Supreme Chancellor A. H. Daniels, with twelve members.

Dauntless Lodge, No. 13, of Brookings, was instituted February 6, 1885,

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