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Published in The Offical Pythian Lodge Directory 1901

Paraphernalia Dealers.
Cincinnati, Ohio - The Pettibone Bros. Manufacturing Co., 626 to 632 Main Street
Cincinnati, Ohio - The Cincinnati Regalia Co., 400 to 406 West Fourth Street
Chicago, Illinois - The E. A. Armstrong Manufacturing Co., 300 Wabash Ave.
Chicago, Illinois - G. F. Foster, Son & Co., 174 Madison Ave.
Chicago, Illinois - George Lauterer, 164 to 166 Madison Ave.
Chicago, Illinois - The McIntosh Stereopticon Co., 35 to 37 Randolph St.
Columbus, Ohio - The M. C. Lilley & Co.
Detroit, Mich. - Morgan, Puhl & Morris, 41 to 49 Grand River Ave.
Grand Rapids, Mich. - The Armstrong-Walcott Regalia Co.
Kalamazoo, Mich. - The Henderson-Ames Co.
New York City. - T. H. McAllister, 49 Nassau St.
New York City. - W. A. Raymold, 99 Fourth Ave.
Philadelphia, PA. - The W. H. Horstman Co., Cherry and Fifth Sts.
San Francisco, Cal. - J. M. Litchfield & Co., 12 Post St.
Springfield, Mass. - Young & Hosley. 33 Lyman St.

Note.- the above named firms were licensed to deal in Knights of Pythias Paraphernalia previous
to the repeal of the law requiring a license in 1898

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