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Our purpose is to help preserve the rich and colorful history of The Order of Knights of Pythias.
To accomplish this, we rely on our brothers, sisters, historians and Pythian friends to send us
information and web links about past events, former members and related historical subjects.

Pythian Castles

Pythian Castle (Arcata, California), in Humboldt County, California, NRHP-listed (Map)
Knights of Pythias Lodge Hall (Weiser, Idaho), NRHP-listed - Website
Pythian Opera House, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Pythian Home of Missouri, also known as Pythian Castle - Website
Pythian Castle (Toledo, Ohio), NRHP-listed in Lucas County
Knights of Pythias Building (Fort Worth, Texas), also known as Pythian Castle Hall
Pythian Castle (Portsmouth, Virginia), NRHP-listed
Pythian Temple (Tacoma, Washington), NRHP-listed -
Pythian Castle Lodge, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, NRHP-listed

William Hood House
Pythian Castle, MO
Website   417 865-1464

Sources - Wikipedia, NRHP

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